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Welcome to the Great House!

Find out why so many couples choose the Great House as their perfect venue for intimate meals for two, to wedding receptions for the whole family! Stunning views, beautiful sunsets and fine cuisine make a wonderful memory for your wedding or reception at the Great House! Beautiful architecture, over 250 years of history, the Great House is a place you simply must visit, whether it be to enjoy a fine meal or a cocktail on the terrace! And don't forget romance! There are few, more romantic places on this island; French architecture, French inspiration and a fine Chef, yes, he's French too, combine to give you an evening you'll never forget!

Great House St. Lucia Of course, the best thing about the Great House, is the food. Chef Frederic will work with us and create, just for you, the perfect menu for
your perfect day, a taste you'll adore, at a price you can easily afford! So, enjoy a romantic meal for two, or bring the whole family and your friends, and take away some treasured memories from your special evening at the Great House! Please contact us for details on pricing and menus. We can arrange entertainment here too, have your first dance on the terrace to a steel band, a pianist or D.J. However you decide your evening to be, Chef Frederic, the Great House and us, will work together to make your evening, one you'll never forget!
  "Colonial enchantment and pure elegance. With friendly staff, professional cuisine, soft elegant ambience and a fantastic view. Our a la carte has creatively transformed traditional International cuisine into our famous style unique at the Great House."
Great House St. Lucia Please feel free to contact us with your reception or dining requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.
  great house, st. lucia      

The gracious Great House Restaurant sits beneath spreading branches of Cedar and Campeche, upon a foundation of ancient stone, which echoes the history of plantation life in St. Lucia. The original estate house of Cap Estate, owned by Monsieur de Longueville, Military Commandant of St. Lucia, stood upon these stones roughly 250 years ago.

Under de Longueville’s leadership the island entered into its first period of development and subsequent prosperity as the Commandant encouraged large land grants, spurring the beginning of our agriculturally based economy. With the death of Monsieur De Longueville in 1773, the responsibilities and ownership of the Cap Estate Great House went to his nephew, the Chevalier de Longueville.

The estate continued in prosperity until the early 1790’s when French revolutionary agents began to filter into St. Lucia with the full effects of the French Revolution following shortly after. A great upsurge of slaves destroyed many of the great houses during this violent time. The charming Cap House was among those that crumbled.

Comte de Brette, a distant relation of Monsieur de Longueville, who had acquired proprietorship of Cap Estate, was not to be daunted by the extent of damage wrought throughout the region. He reconstructed the Cap House into one of the most lavish and truly regal great houses of St. Lucia. The sugar operations also became one of the island’s most extensive.

These were years of splendour when being entertained at the illustrious Cap House was a savoury experience of the elite. A general feeling of gaiety and prosperity shrouded the elegantly dressed dinner guests with a protective cloak of warmth and camaraderie.

Sudden disaster struck in 1817, as a wailing hurricane brought down the walls of Cap House. After this fatal act of nature, sugar still reigned as the king crop, but the regal gatherings of the de Brette’s were fragments of history, remembered only by the sturdy, old stones of that same foundation, still firmly standing even from the years of Commandant de Longueville. The plantation house was not rebuilt. Only a meagre wooden structure was raised to suffice as an estate office.

The estate was purchased by Lt. Colonel E. Harrison in the mid 1900’s. The retired British Colonel wished to recapture the enchantment and grandeur of the de Brette home, and carefully supervised the reconstruction of the Cap House in 1960. Dying in 1962, the colonel left behind his dream – the elegant Great House of Cap Estate.

Shortly after the colonel’s death, the estate was divided into one of St. Lucia’s most prestigious housing developments; proprietorship of the Cap House was secured by an American couple for their family use and once again enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most glamorous homes in St. Lucia.

Today, the Great House Restaurant embraces the past traditions of grandeur established during the eighteenth century by the de Brette family in a setting of that same warmth and camaraderie. We hope you enjoy the splendour, gaiety and elegance of Great House dining.

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