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About Us - Written by Julian Marshall, January 2006

Hello All! My wife and I were married in July 1987, Longleat House, Wiltshire. Almost nineteen years later, Ray has finally asked for a testimonial...and it's my very great pleasure to offer you this testimony, though I should rename it..."About Them".

The story really begins a year earlier. I was due to make my first speech at a shareholder AGM in London for the company I then worked for. At 3.00pm on the afternoon before that day, I was due to meet with the Event Manager in the auditorium. I took my presentation slides and my speech and was greeted by a smiling young man, "Mr Marshall, do you mind if I call you Julian? My name is Ray". "Hi Ray, could you point me in the direction of the Event Manager?" I asked, looking over his shoulder. He held out his hand again, "Hi Julian, my name's Ray, I'm the Event Manager". A little taken aback, I asked how old he was..."I'm fifty three Julian, but I'm punctual with my vitamins...did you bring your speech?" Ray was nineteen!

Ray and I eventually worked on subsequent events together. In that time, I quickly realised that Ray's apparent arrogance was in fact a confidence, a confidence which certainly rubbed off on my then nervous disposition. After an event in Stormont, Ireland, Ray, myself and some colleagues went out for a meal. I took the opportunity to announce my impending engagement. Ray suggested he would photograph the wedding. I suggested he should arrange it! So, in July 1987, I stood in the gardens of Longleat House, awaiting my bride and an hour later, she became my wife.

We had a perfect wedding, two hundred and seventy guests concurred. Ray and his team provided my wife and our families with a day we can never forget and always look back on with absolute joy. My mother-in-law had pestered and berated Ray at every turn in the three months prior to that day! Just before she left, she turned, walked over to Ray, put her hands to his cheeks and kissed his head. That show of emotion tells the story of how that day passed. And I should mention, his photography was quite superb too! Ray was twenty years old. His age was no longer an issue of concern.

Ray eventually met his match too, and he and Kari were married in St. Lucia, a wedding they, of course, organised themselves, though Ray was sadly unable to photograph it! And now Ray has formed an excellent team, bringing wonderful weddings to many couples all over the world, who like us, appreciate how easy and precious their weddings have been.

Arranging, planning and photographing weddings and corporate events has continued since those days in 1987. Their experience, honesty and humour, along and that wonderful ability to make anyone relax, have combined to bring continued joy to many couples, on both sides of the world.

Their testimonials and work are an advertisement for the beautiful island on which they live. The fact they never advertised, relying only on referrals, is testimony to their pride and dedication to the dreams and wishes of all their clients. And the friendships they have made along the way, like this one, are testimony to Ray and the team.

Best wishes to you all, Julian & Catherine Marshall, London, UK.

email: weddings@tropicisleweddings.com

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