So, you've found that ideal wedding location...but what else? Have a look at some of the entertainment that we can arrange for your wedding or reception in St. Lucia; musicians, singers, djs, whatever you like! We can book whomever you wish or you can suggest something else you'd like for your Caribbean wedding day celebration! Here are some ideas for your wedding!
St Lucia Wedding Entertainers

St. Lucia Gospel Choir

How about your very own Gospel Choir? Tell them some of your favourite songs and they'll sing their hearts out for you on
your big day. We witnessed them recently, and can tell you, it was breathtaking! You'll want to dance, sing with them,
laugh and cry! A really fantastic option to make your day even more special.

Caribbean Steel Pan Band

For that authentic Caribbean Flava, Hausian and his band are absolutely mesmerizing, and before you know, your guests and even us will be swaying along to the sweet sounds at your wedding or reception! They will play pretty much anything you can imagine, they'll even let you play too! And if you're anything like Kate, pictured here at the Great House, you're gonna have a ball!

St Lucia Wedding Entertainers

Classical Violinist or Classical String Ensemble

For something a little special and very enchanting, you could choose Minetta. She also has a huge repertoire, and will add that real touch of class to your wedding ceremony as she delights you whilst you walk down the aisle, and back again...together. Or, another splendid addition to your wedding ceremony, the string ensemble can bring a quality and ambience to your wedding, perfect for your bridal entrance, processional and first dance.

St Lucia Wedding Entertainers
Conch Blower

Conch Blower

In St. Lucia, the traditional beginning to any important ceremony is the blowing of the conch shell. It's not as easy as it looks by the way...and if you don't believe can give it a try!

Jah Sheem - Singer Guitarist

Jah Sheem is something of a local celebrity in St. Lucia! He celebrates your wedding with you, serenades you with his songs; with passion and a big smile, and is truly larger than life! He's charming, friendly and a joy to behold!

Jah Sheem
St Lucia Wedding Entertainers

Limbo Dancing...Fire Eating...and yep...Snakes!

Not only do they play with fire, and dance around it...they eat it too! And if you thought that was enough...they have a little friend who can entertain you too...a snake...not just any snake...a boa constrictor! Our bride was not only smiling at the fun she was having...but also at the photographer who, not liking snakes, was walking backwards at this point...! This is brilliant fun for your day and truly something you'll never forget!

St Lucia Wedding Entertainers
Rob Zi Taylor

Rob Zi Taylor - Saxophone

Having been personally requested to play for Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela and also playing with a host of artistes from
around the world, Zi is something of a huge celebrity! He plays with a rare finesse and beauty and will add a real sparkle
to your wedding day. Zi plays regularly at St. Lucia Jazz as well as many hotels and restaurants on the island, but for your
wedding or reception, he'll play only for you! Visit Zi at

St. Lucia Jazz Duo

Fancy some jazz? These professional musicians can cater to the any jazz style you like. With a huge repertoire, and a quality to match, they'll add a real relaxed slant to your day.

St Lucia Wedding Entertainers

Nicole David - Vocalist, Singer-Songwriter

Extremely talented, versatile and oh so captivating, she can sing in any style for any occasion. She can make you dance, make you cry, but you'll always fall in love with her! Nicole works all over the world, but if we can pin her down, she'll give all she has, to make your wedding or reception even more special.

Nicole David
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