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Okay, so let's be honest, you could use a little light relief right now! Well, what we'd like to do is invite you to send us any funny or romantic stories you may have about weddings, honeymoons etc. We can change the names to protect the guilty!

Send your stories, jokes and anecdotes to and we'll post them here for everyone to enjoy!

We look forward to hearing from you!

We once attended a wedding on your beautiful island, a few years ago now! My niece and her fiance were so very nervous. The marriage officer took each of them by hand and asked them to look into each other's eyes and forget about everything other than themselves, she made a little joke, they both grinned and things turned out beautifully! We have all since returned to St. Lucia for our holidays and look forward to being there again soon! Best Wishes, Stephanie Langdon.
Hi , we recently returned from a wedding in St. Lucia. I have to say the island is so beautiful! We all had a great time! The wedding went well but the photographer was so nervous...he had us getting all nervous too! The bride and groom were playing with the steel-pan band for a while. We clapped, we cheered...and then almost died laughing as the photographer asked them after they had finished, to "pretend" like they were playing so he could get a good picture! They were so tired out already! It was so funny but I guess you had to be there! That's all. Bye!
Hi Ray, just had to send you this! My husband and I were at my sister's wedding in Maine, here in the U.S. After the ceremony, all of us left the church to go to a beautiful park nearby, at the suggestion of the photographer, who then also suggested some awesome locations for photos of the happy couple. One spot was at the side of a small lake...My sister struggled in her 3 inch heels, her husband confidently striding...until he slipped down the slope into the lake! In his attempts to stand up, he fell again and once again fell in up to his knees. The photos were finally finished with the groom in a pristine and very dry pair of pants...while the photographer stood proud in his boxers! Susannah, N.J
"Hey, we think your stories page is a great idea! We just had to tell you about our wedding day. We were married in a church, our priest was sick so a replacement came on the day. As I walked down the isle, my fiance turned and was almost laughing. I became a little nervous, thinking that maybe my dress was torn from getting out of the car. As I got close to the altar, my friends and family grinned at me too! Looking up, I saw why...the priest whom I'd never met before was looking at me and smiling...with the biggest teeth you have ever seen! I swear, all you could see was teeth and gums! I looked down quickly then caught my fiance's eye, we grinned at each other and taking a deep breath, I looked up at the priest as he started our service. At just the right time, Tim, our 8 yr old ring bearer, moved forward and my fiance reached down to take the ring. As he did so, Tim said, very loudly..."Uncle Paul, that man looks just like Alien!" Well, I just know you can imagine, the whole church just erupted in laughter! We laughed so hard, and thankfully, so did the priest! We later apologized but he was so nice, he wasn't worried at all! We had a great day and look forward to visiting you guys soon...maybe for a vow renewal! Mich' & Paul, Florida"


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