The single best thing that we have ever done was to contact Kari and Ray! From the very first e-mail to the day they dropped off the pictures , they made everything stress-free! Everything was perfect!! We couldn't have asked for anything better.

From the first day we started talking to Kari we felt as if she was part of the ceremony! The location was spectacular! It was everything we could have ever wanted and more. It was the most hassle free planning we have ever been involved with. Having you come to our hotel and giving us a day planner for that day was great. There was nothing left to chance. Kari your kindness and compassion make you one in a million, and we hope you continue to give other couples the ability to live out their dream wedding! On a personal level..... Having Ray and yourself at the ceremony and as our witnesses means the world to us. Kari, to see you cry when Erika was saying her vows speaks volumes about the person you are. You guys are like family to us now.


As far as the pictures Ray took......amazing!!! Ray is great at making people relax and letting them enjoy the process of taking pictures. The only problem is that we have too many great pictures! We had to send out five or six copies of the whole album! Both of our families loved them. We will cherish the memories of that day for the rest of our lives. And our pictures around the house remind us on a regular basis what we vowed and promised each other on that magical day.

We hope that you, Ray and Kari, know how special you are. And we can not say enough times how thankful we are. I hope more couples find you so that they can experience the happiness and joy that we did. If ever we can do anything for you two, please let us know. Thank you both for all that you have done for us!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

Stephen and Erika Gorman

We would choose Tropic Isle Weddings all over again! Ray and Kari are awesome!

If you're looking for a stress-free and memorable wedding, Tropic Isle Weddings is the choice for you! When we contacted Ray and Kari, via e-mail, they responded immediately. Kari answered all our questions, and the open communication continued through out the decision making process. She assisted us in selecting a wedding location, putting together a package on a budget we could afford, choosing the perfect flowers, personalizing the cake, and getting the legal documents together. Even after the trip, Ray and Kari sent us an e-mail to be sure we arrived home safely and wish us a happy life together. They are amazing people!

Kari is great at what she does, making the bride and groom happy. We contacted other coordinators, including the resort where we were staying. Either they didn't respond, provided minimal information, or were quick to request a fee to reserve a date before any arrangements were decided upon. Kari was different from the start. She wanted our wedding day to be what we wanted! She asked to hear our ideas of what our wedding day should include. This wasn't a pre-packaged "all-inclusive," same as the next guy's wedding on the beach... It was all about us... and it was perfect. She addressed my concerns, expressed some of her own, and accommodated all my requests while paying close attention to detail. She even made suggestions as the planning progressed. Her continuing efforts made the day seamless and enjoyable, as a wedding day should be. She coordinated transportation from the wedding to The Great House for our dinner reception, and also took us and all of our luggage to a second resort location for our "honeymoon." It was comforting to know everything was planned before arriving on the Island for our Wedding-moon.


Not only was the day memorable, we have awesome photos to prove it! Ray did a fantastic job. He has a way of putting people at ease. We didn't feel like we were spending our wedding day with strangers, Ray and Kari were like old friends. He encouraged us to soak up every second of the ceremony and concentrate on each other and the commitments we were making. He captured every moment... the vows, exchanging rings, champagne (he even got a picture of the cork in mid-air), cake, walking around the gardens, and down the pier. Ray took our favorite picture when we didn't know it. It's a candid photo of us standing on the beach displaying our true love and admiration for each other. He asked if there were any particular pictures or poses we wanted, and obliged. He was not pushy and did not insist on taking standard wedding poses. In fact, it didn't feel like a chore at all. We had a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughter enjoying the beautiful St. Lucian day. Ray accommodated our request for sunset photos, as our wedding was at 4pm. He and Kari accompanied us to The Great House and took more beautiful pictures. Tropic Isle Weddings promised me 60 photos, and we got over 100! He doesn't stop just because he hits his quota, he wants to be sure he captures every aspect of our special day. Thanks Ray!

We cannot say enough good things about Tropic Isle Weddings!

Thank you for making our wedding so special and being part of it,

Bill and Allison McWillie (AKA: Biscuit and Pookie)

Dear Ray & Kari,

Our wedding was incredulously beautiful and amazing from beginning to end. From the moment I stepped out of the bridal car and gazed across Marigot Bay for the first time, I felt as though I were in a wonderful dream… Marjorie, our officiant, performed an elegant ceremony with her lovely voice and enthusiastic words. The Rainforest Café was an ideal location for our exquisite dinner! The meal was spectacular – positively beyond words. I don’t remember how many glasses of champagne I had. Miraculously, I never ended up in the water!

You and Ray made us feel that we were the most important people in the world. I never imagined that having photographs taken would be that much fun! I was laughing and smiling so much that my cheeks hurt by the end of the day! All of our family and friends have mentioned how happy we look and how absolutely gorgeous the pictures and video turned out.
Fortunately, we discovered less than sixty days prior to our wedding, that our initial plan with another vendor and venue was not going to meet our expectations. Among other issues, our wedding was going to be very impersonal and rushed. We immediately contacted you and Ray for guidance, optimistic that you would have an opening to carry out, photograph and take video of our wedding day. You immediately turned our frustration and despair into confidence that our special day would be everything we had hoped it would be.

I have thought of Marigot Bay and our wedding day every day since we returned home. We are already longing to go back. Thank you for your kindness and guidance through the planning and actualization of our wedding! You exceeded our expectations beyond anything we had imagined. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding. You truly made our day the most extraordinary day of my life.

We hope to see you again soon - maybe an anniversary photo shoot on the beach?

Most sincerely, Jennifer & Marcus Bates
Hi Kari and Ray,
Now that I have had time to breathe, I can finally sit down and thank you all properly. For what started out being a disaster, I felt you all were certainly sent by God. I initially made all of my plans through Sandals last October. After not hearing from their local wedding coordinator by December, I began to panic. I then went on the internet looking for coordinators located on the island. Next, I filled out the questionnaire from your website. Within one to two hours, I had a response and within 24 hours I had a complete programme laid out for me. Instantly, I felt at ease and a feeling of assurance that you all were the company for me. Finally, after talking with Kari and discussing my ideas, she assured me things would work out. Over the next few months we emailed each other and sent pictures of ideas to use in the wedding. By the end of March, everything was finalized including sightseeing tours for Trey and myself. Kari, you were such a pleasure to work with. We can never forget your kindness.

Ray, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You captured all of the ideas that Kari and myself worked on for months. The photos were just beautiful. Everyone is asking Trey and myself how can they get copies. After coming home and looking over the video, the wedding was just stunning. You all did an awesome job!!! Leontrey and myself could not ask for more.

As a side note, Leontrey was quite fussy during the planning stages of the wedding. But on our wedding day, he was blown off his feet and speechless. He did not realize depth of what Kari and myself were actually putting together. And Ray again your photos captured all of our ideas. You were so easy to work with. Although you and I did not discuss what photo shots to capture, you captured every single shot I wanted!!!

This wedding exceeded above and beyond our expectations. Thank you all so much for being a part of our wedding and making it so special! All of our guest are still talking about the lovely wedding. Thanks again for helping us plan our day!!!

Take Care, Trey and Toyia


Dear Kari & Ray

Shane & I would like to send sincere thanks to Kari at for the perfect wedding day! We could not have asked for a better experience or a more perfect wedding day! We were going to be married at Sandals, but changed our minds at the last minute after doing our homework. It is the best decision we have ever made. The care and attention and constant contact made us feel very special, something that was completely lacking before we found you guys!


Kari, you are such a friendly, professional, sincere lady who takes such pride in planning the wedding of your dreams. It is important to you that every detail is perfect. You love your job and it shows. You had so many suggestions and ideas which were very helpful!
From the legal requirements, to the cake, flowers, decorations, location, music, etc, you took care of everything! The arch you decorated was absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for the unbelievable carved watermelon and all the other little extra surprises!

And Ray, thanks to your wonderful photography, we have memories to last forever. I'm now glad that we had all those issues with Sandals, or our wedding and our photographs wouldn't have been so wonderful! You made us feel so special and kept us laughing, thank you so much!

We had a unique, memorable wedding and made 2 new friends who we will keep in touch with and hope to visit again!

Also, thank you for being our witnesses. You will be part of our lives forever.
Thank you so much, both of you.
We will never forget our special day, thanks to you……..

Shane & Debbie Carson

Kari and Ray,
Thank you so much for the most incredible memory of our lives thus far. I don't think our wedding ceremony or the pictures could be any more perfect. Perfect isn't a strong enough word to tell you how wonderful everything was! I couldn't ask for anything more. The weather was super, the sunset was unbelievable, and you two were the best hosts anyone could
have. Talk about a stress-free wedding!!--you guys took care of everything so that we could really enjoy each other and cherish every moment. Kari, your suggestions throughout the planning process were ideal for what I wanted--especially the sea view location for the ceremony and the pictures on the beach at sunset. It was having the best of both worlds. Thank you for helping me make all the decisions I couldn't make--everything was perfect!
And Ray, your picture-taking is incredible. I'm sorry I didn't fall into the water when balancing on the wooden dock--that would've made for a great picture! But I did enjoy the risky challenge! Good times! We have looked at our album over and over again, re-living it all. Thanks so much for the memories. You guys are so lucky to be able to live and work in a place like Saint Lucia--don't ever take it for granted! I don't know if there's a more beautiful place in the world... and we were married in the most beautiful spot there! We plan on coming back to Saint Lucia soon, maybe for our 1 year anniversary, so we'll be getting in touch when we do! Please keep in touch with us and let us know if you ever want to make a visit to the Southern U.S.! We'd love to have you both!
Chad and Katherine Cheatham


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